Play School in Pallavaram,Preschool in Pallavaram

Who We Are

Play School in Pallavaram,Preschool in Pallavaram


The education of a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Little Me is a contemporary Montessori school which strives for a balance of academic achievement, concern for the child and a strong value system. Through the Montessori Method, children in Little Me are encouraged to learn through practical experience and self-discovery within a carefully prepared child-oriented environment. Aided by scientifically prepared material for each stage of development, the trained teacher guides the child to develop a well-adjusted, balanced personality.

At Little Me Every decision about every aspects of school management are deeply questioned and thought out, taking into account, above all, the needs of the child, and through that, the development of the teacher, the participation of the parent and the inclusion of the community.


Play School in Pallavaram,Preschool in Pallavaram

Goal: Activate the Child’s Own Natural Desire to Learn

Mission:Impart knowledge & touch the child’s imagination so as to enthuse him to his innermost core

Vision:To transform and establish peace in this world through the child

Montessori Pedagogy

At Little Me Montessori pre-school we follow Montessori Philosophy both in spirit and method of working and our only motive is to help the child develop a lifetime's love for learning through activities which are constructive in nature.
With an aim to make the child independent which paves the way for intellectual learning and building the foundations of his personality, we offer extensive experiences in all areas Montessori Method where children are encouraged to work individually, collaboratively and cooperatively.
The mixed age group allows the children to interact, explore and engage in purposeful activities in small groups and demonstrate random acts of grace and courtesy.
We at Little Me, completely believe in the potential of each child and strive to support their innate abilities so that they can stand unique because of their individuality.


Well planned curriculum & workbooks
Guaranteed exposure to rich experiences
Air-Conditioned classroom
Hitech CC Camera Surveillance
Centrally located
Strict adherence to Montessori ideologies and principles
Montessori material of international standards
Spacious and aesthetically designed classrooms that are surrounded by nature
Chromepet, Chennai - 600044
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